Our Story

Our menu is served with a unique twist in a comfortable, modern environment, First Course Salad Kitchen is the community’s best-kept secret for casual dining
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Your New Favorite Eatery
First Course Salad Kitchen, ("FCSK") is the creation of a group of Texans whose culinary careers were rooted in fine dining.  FCSK represents a step out from fine dining on the service side but maintains the creativity and execution with the food that is necessary in a fine dining setting. FCSK is a platform dedicated to guaranteeing quality, fresh ingredients, handled in house and prepared daily.  What that means is every dressing, marinade, rub, dish, soup and item on our line is cleaned, cut, and prepared for service in our full service kitchen on site.  

In addition to bringing a higher standard to the execution of our healthy products, FCSK offers proteins straight from the grill in our kitchen.  Our salmon, steak and chicken are marinated and grilled constantly throughout the day.  We pride ourselves on taking the extra steps necessary to deliver high quality food to our guests in a fast paced environment. 

We hope that when you experience FCSK, whether for lunch, dinner, or if you are just picking something up, the attention to detail are evident in our food and we welcome your input to continue to make us better.  

Thank you, 

Aaron Webster
​First Course Salad Kitchen